Breathing Life into Old Art

I don’t tend to watch a lot of TV; however, I did catch DIY SOS last night whilst eating my dinner on the sofa.  Firstly, I have to admit it did make me cry.  This week was about a family with 3 girls, the father has terminal lymphoma and they were living in a derelict house that was falling down around them.  The health visitor, bless her dedication, put them forward to DIY SOS and the generosity of the community astounded me.  At one point they had over a 100 volunteers working on the house.  I was also blown away by the maturity of the oldest daughter.

However, this isn’t what’s excited me.  As they were struggling financially, the parents had to come up with creative ways to entertain the girls, ranging in age from about 3-10 years old, that didn’t cost a lot.  This is when they introduced the idea of over-painting.  So much more fun than paint by numbers!

When I first saw it I thought, wow, what a brilliant idea, truly genius and wanted to share with you.  Basically, they go to charity shops and buy old prints for a couple of quid.  The girls then set about identifying areas on the old prints that could use jazzing up with a bit of colour and then proceed to paint directly on the prints.  It may not sound that impressive but the results are amazing!  I love the idea and am going to try it out myself!

What do you think??


If you fancy watching this particular episode you can find it here on BBC iPlayer.  The overpainting is about 35 minutes in.






Happy Valentine’s Day!

Madame has taken to leaving her own design flare around the house recently.

So I don’t know what possessed me to buy her these for Valentine’s Day.  They’re super cute though.  They’re home-made crayons from the Little Green Paintbox, which come in a lovely little canvas drawstring bag. They also do other shapes as well (cars, bears, elephants, tortoises)!

However, she did try to eat the brown one!  Can’t blame her really as it really does look like a chocolate.  No fear though as they’re made from soy wax and bees wax and are coloured with natural mineral powders!

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone!

Easy Christmas Decorations

If you’re snowed in and the kids are climbing the walls you could make some Christmas Decorations.  Madame and I’ve been making them over the last couple of weeks.  I’m not crafty and she’s only 3, if we can manage you can too.  Have fun.

The template for the Smiley Snowflake can be found here!

The Santa Stars were inspired by

It’s fairly straightforward but here are the instructions for the Layered Tree

The Felt Presents were dead easy.

Happy Christmas and all the best in 2011!

Santa Stars!

Crafts are not my strong point. Luckily, I have my own personal mentor @redtedart. She often sends me links to things that she thinks we can manage. Last week she sent me a link to these adorable Santa Christmas decorations. As usual, I didn’t have a lot of the supplies at home, namely the cotton wool, but managed to adlib. What do you think?

Gone are the days that I have a perfectly colour coordinated tree…my chocolate and gold theme is no longer.  I’m going to have a go at these next! Wish me luck!  (click on the image for the instructions)

Happy Christmas!

Toilet Roll Tick Tocks

Yesterday was a really loooooong day!  Madame has managed to pick up some infectious skin disease so I had to keep her in and away from other kids.  Plus, it was chucking it down!  It’s only a very small case of Impetigo but if it’s not treated properly it can spread and look quite nasty.  I’ll leave you to google image that one for yourself.  Ick!  Oh the joys of parenthood.

Luckily, I had a craft idea inspired by @redtedart up my sleeve.  Madame is obsessed with telling the time.  She is forever asking me what time it is, even though she really doesn’t have a clue.  She often tells me it’s twenty eighty or points at the clock saying it’s not bed time yet. So, these Toilet Paper Roll Tick Tocks were perfect and very easy to make.  Madame loves them and all the fashion conscious dolls and stuffed animals in our house are wearing them too.  She even went to bed wearing three!  Bless.