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Tonight we ate around the kitchen table as a family for the first time in a very long time.  Unfortunately, my husband works in the city and normally doesn’t get home till after 7 or 8 so it’s a little late to make Madame wait for her dinner.  So, she often eats on her own in the kitchen with me busying myself in the background.  Then her father and I eat on our laps in front of the TV much later.    I have a feeling that this is the norm for most families.  Sharing meal times seems to be a thing of the past.

I’d be interested to know how often you eat together as a family.

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I’ve been doing a bit of reading and it seems that the benefits of eating together as a family is ten fold.  I’m in no way preaching or trying to make you feel bad, I was just curious. According to the articles I read, families who eat together have a stronger bond, children do better at school, they eat more nutritional meals, they learn how to cook, have better table manners and communication skills and you can save money.

I can’t change my hubbies work schedule and I’m sure this is only going to get more difficult when Madame starts school and a zillion other clubs and activities. However, I’m going to make an effort to eat together as a family on weekends.  I’ve also toyed with the idea of having breakfast together but I’m not a morning person.

Can someone remind me about this post the next time I order a Curry on a Saturday Night?

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  1. We almost always eat together (we have take-away one night a week) but that's just because it's easier and tidier eating round a table and it's a "traditional" family thing for both of us. Even when it was just the two of us in the early days we had a little card table with two non-matching chairs in the kitchen.I suspect it IS harder when your partner works long (or unusual hours, like shift work) – would it be beneficial to shift the little ones' hours forward by 2 hours – later bedtime but waking later too, maybe?

  2. When my kids were small I worked shifts so wasn't always possible but we always did when we could. Now with only me and my wife ay home we usually eat off our knees…modern life has a lot to answer for….

  3. I did try that a while back putting her to bed later but she still got up at same time so was tired. I may try it again though. Great suggestion, thanks.

  4. My three children are all grown up now but if we're all here we eat together as a family. We've never had a TV where we eat so mealtimes have always been family times where we talk about what everyones been doing in the day. Don't get me wrong we also have arguments at the table too but it's the one time that we can guarantee that we're all together. Another thing we've avoided is TVs or computers in bedrooms. This encourages family life and prevents moody teenagers hiding in bedrooms. x

  5. I've slipped into a few bad habits…letting her watch TV while having breakfast. Will have to crack down on this. I will make note of TVs in bedrooms….luckily we don't have space for one.

  6. My hubby is away with work quite a lot, I try and eat with the kids when he is away or else I end up eating junk food late at night and skipping meals. When hubby is home we all eat together in the kitchen, it is a good way to get the kids to talk about what has happened in their day etc. I can see it is different when you only have one child but I think your idea of eating together at weekends is good, it doesn't have to be the evening meal, it could be lunch.

  7. When they come out of school and you ask "What have you been doing today?" the answer is usually nothing. When sat at the table together you find out so much more about their day. Why not try and eat as a family at the weekends, at least that's a start.

  8. Always eat together as family but kids bit older now (5 n 8yrs). Husband usually home about 7pm. Get round worst of whinging by post-school snack. Also I refuse to cook on Saturday so we go out to eat. Started this when husband got new car n wanted to show it off. We did sushi tonight. Kids did spectacular amount of whinging but loved the fact that I wasn't eating fat-git feed.

  9. Also I find children who eat on their own are more fussy eaters. They're more likely to try food when everyone else is eating the same. Good luck x

  10. I insisted in Breakfast together as a city job meant the same problem – no TV before school was the rule – the girls are used to a morning routine of breakfast en masse in the week

  11. My husband also works in the city and doesn't get home until late too so the kids all eat together around 5.30 and sometimes I eat with them, and he eats in front of the TV when he gets home. We always eat together on the weekends though, and find it works really well. It also helps that we've got 3 kids! x

  12. We have always eaten together and at the table.Even as babies we sat down at the same time so they could pick up good eating habits, talk, and bond.I understand you obviously can't eat all together but you could eat a small meal with your daughter perhaps.I wouldn't want to eat late as I'm trying to loose weight and apparently eating after 8 slows down your digestive system.Don't feel bad, I'm sure there lots of people in your position.We do have a take out once a week with the kids (domestic goddesses need a break too you know) and we eat off our laps then.

  13. I did want to add that if you sit and eat with your daughter at the table that is also good. Maybe when hubby comes home you just provide him company.The kids need the figure at the table with them more than the adults.

  14. I think you're right….will eat with her and keep hubby's warm. This will also make it easier as I will only have to cook the one meal. I tend to do something quick for her and then something else for us.

  15. Years back I was part of a study. They were doing a study on kids with Adhd and whether or not the parents ate meals with them and the effects on the kids.Let's just say it's worthwhile to make the effort to eat with your kids.

  16. I love eating together as a family but I do struggle to do it, with a fussy autistic son who often doesnt want to eat with us its often just my youngest and I or if he does want to eat with us its usually the two of them in front of the tv with my as you say busying myself in the kitchen finishing stuff off, I'v decided that maybe just having a family night once a week may be the answer – one night each week where they choose what we should cook and they help we then eat together and afterwards have a board game :o) grea post btw and does make you think – we always ate together as kids funny how things change xb

  17. We used to eat every evening together at the table but as the kids have got older and started doing more things this has become more difficult. We always eat together at the table on a Sunday.
    On weekdays we used to go round the table and ask each person what they had done at school/work. The younger the person the more information. By the time it was oldest child turn we would get 'nothing' as the answer.
    I miss us all sitting together

  18. we have the same problem round here… we usually try to wait as late as possible for dinner so that TB can sit and eat with us…
    Sometimes it gets too late tho… and we end um eating on our own watching some TV series.

  19. My boys and I eat regularly together every night, but my hubby's schedule sounds much the same as yours so it's hard. Thank goodness for the summer holidays though because it means we're able to wait for him to get home so we can all eat together at the same time. Great post!

  20. If you can manage breakfast and lunch at weekends only then that is 4 times per week!I don't eat brekkie either, but, I do grab 2 minutes to sit with them all as I drink my coffee… My daughter always has cereal, son is an egg-lover and Husband eats museli – so I'm usually dashing about sorting out everyone's meals!!!

  21. We eat together at the weekends (ie when we're all around together) but otherwise we try and eat breakfast together but don't always succeednnI like the girls to be going to bed at 7ish and since i only get home around then and Mr doesn't get home until much later eating together in the week just doesn't work

  22. We eat together at the weekends (ie when we're all around together) but otherwise we try and eat breakfast together but don't always succeedI like the girls to be going to bed at 7ish and since i only get home around then and Mr doesn't get home until much later eating together in the week just doesn't work

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