Labelling kids clothes made easy!

My daughter only started school in Sept and I’m already starting to get hacked off with the number of items of clothing we’ve already lost. I won’t mention the jacket she only wore once and coincidentally another child has the same one but the mum was adamant it wasn’t hers.

A few people mentioned Sharpies, as a foreigner I had no idea what it was and had to Google it. Surprisingly, I did have one, but I have to say that this personalised hand-made stamp (£16.95) from Stamptastic is a godsend. It works on fabric, metal, wood & plastic and doesn’t wash off! I’ve been busy stamping all of her belongings.

For the record her name is not Victoria King!

Disclosure: the stamp was complimentary

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14 thoughts on “Labelling kids clothes made easy!”

  1. What a great idea! With 3 daughters (eldest now 16) I’ve tried a few options! Sew on labels are the best I’ve tried, but are expensive & hurt my fingers (the sewing), iron on labels have a tendency to come off in the wash and pens are difficult to write with making names illegible at times!

  2. That is a great idea that i’m going to share with my SIL for my nephews. Thank you.
    P.S. MY name is VICTORIA KING! Spooky :)

  3. How any parent can even think of sending children to school in any unnamed clothing is beyond me. We have my son’s name on everything, down to very single sock. (Sewn-in labels on most things, pen on a few.)

    My wife teaches in a primary school, and after kids get changed for PE and back, clothes can be anywhere and everywhere and if anything’s not named there’s simply no hope of identifying who’s it is. Thirty identical white polo shirts anyone? Sixty grey socks?

    The stamp looks great.

  4. Just to say, I bought a Stamptastic stamp for each of my kids after hearing about them through a friend and can confirm they are absolutely brilliant. So quick and easy. Perfect for last minute even. Just yesterday as we got gloves out for 1st time I remembered as running out the door and ran back, stamped, and bob’s your uncle!! Inspired idea!

  5. awww thanks for the lovely comments guys! We have had great feedback from our customers :-) Do have a look at our website and follow us on twitter and Facebook (we are running a comp on Facebook at the moment where you could win a stamp set worth up to £39.50)
    If you have any questions please feel free to contact francesca at
    p.s Victoria King is Rie’s mother in law and we thought it was a lovely name!

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