Personalized Gifts for Kids from TinyMe

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Personalized Blocks

I do love the personalized gifts for kids on  They have everything from bags to stationery to clothing to name labels.  We got one of their duffle bags a couple of years ago and it’s still going strong, my daughter uses it for her PE kit, the amount of stuff they need in primary school is nuts; including indoor and outdoor kit plus two pairs of shoes. Goodness knows how we remember everything each week. We also often use it for weekends away, squashes nicely in the boot of the car

Personalised Gifts for Kids.

The lovely folks at Tinyme are offering my readers a chance to win a £40 voucher to spend on some of their goodies.

Sandwich Bags

Whilst I was writing this post, instead of doing my work, I had a really good look through their site and am loving the reusable sandwich bags, no more fighting with plastic bags or the roll of clingfilm in the morning.  I guess you just turn them inside out and give them a good wipe.

Personalised Journal


My daughter is a bit of a magpie when it comes to Stationery, which I think is true about a lot of girls here age.  Apparently, you can never have enough diaries/journals.  One of her favourite things to do when her friends come around is to do a bit of diary writing, goodness knows what they write in them, but I do here a lot of giggling going on.  Tempted to get her a personalised journal for Christmas.

Free Christmas Printables

I also noticed that they have an entire section of FREE printables including some for Christmas, the activities are rather swish unlike a lot of the naff printables you get on line.  I love FREE!  I’m definitely going to do a few of them with my daughter in the build up to Christmas.  However, I have a sneaking suspicion mine won’t look like theirs.

Enter to Win!

To enter the competition simply use the rafflecopter form below.  Competition Ends on the 1st of Dec, UK residents 18+ only.  The full Terms and Conditions can be found on the bottom of the form.

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I should probably get back to work!  Good luck and thanks for joining in.

This competition is listed on Loquax, Prize Finder and Competition Hunter.

Little Girl Who Lost her Name

Personalised Children's BooksI was really hoping to write this post last week, as it was National Book Day but time got away on me and we read the most delightful book, the Little Girl Who Lost her Name by David Cadji Newby.

It all starts with a little girl who wakes up in the morning to find that her name has gone AWOL and this is where the adventure begins.  She goes on a mission to find the letters of her missing name, each letter has a fantastic character and illustration including a Miserable Mermaid and an Ant Eating Aardvark plus a few more.

I don’t want to spoil the ending for you, but my daughter worked out halfway through the book that it was in fact spelling her own name.  The look of surprise and excited was brilliant.

The books were officially launched last week and can be personalised for Boys and Girls.  I honestly think they would make a brilliant present (£16.99).

 Disclosure:  I received a copy for review purposes


Labelling kids clothes made easy!

My daughter only started school in Sept and I’m already starting to get hacked off with the number of items of clothing we’ve already lost. I won’t mention the jacket she only wore once and coincidentally another child has the same one but the mum was adamant it wasn’t hers.

A few people mentioned Sharpies, as a foreigner I had no idea what it was and had to Google it. Surprisingly, I did have one, but I have to say that this personalised hand-made stamp (£16.95) from Stamptastic is a godsend. It works on fabric, metal, wood & plastic and doesn’t wash off! I’ve been busy stamping all of her belongings.

For the record her name is not Victoria King!

Disclosure: the stamp was complimentary

Perfect gift for Newborns


This is NOT a sponsored post in any way.  In fact, I contacted the company,, to ask if they minded if I featured it on the blog because I love them so much.

In the last couple of years I’ve purchased at least three Personalised Taggies for my new mummy friends and each and every time they almost cried!  Well, that’s not really hard to do to a sleep deprived mum but…..

A brilliant keepsake for less than £20!

I just wanted to share it with you.  Oh and there is a 10% discount for their Facebook Friends using “myface” plus a chance to see their other personalised gifts.

Personalised Gifts

My hubby took this photo of Madame when we were on holiday in Wales recently.  I love it.  I hate to admit it but he always manages to get better photos than me on his iphone.  He thinks its skill and struts around like a proud peacock, but I’m convinced he has different camera software on his iphone.  Anyhow, we had it put onto a canvas for our photo display in the kitchen which some of you may have spotted in my Kitchen Tour.

Unfortunately, when my mum was here recently from Canada she took a liking to it, so much that she took it with her when she left!!!  Now there was a gaping hole in our display.

Coincidentally, the team at Bags of Love contacted us and asked us if we wanted to review one of their canvases!  Result.

This isn’t the first time I’ve used Bags of Love for canvases.  Quite a few years ago I had three done of some stunning photos I took when on holiday in Jordan.  Unfortunately, it involved my ex so they have been relegated to the loft.  Normally, I would have buzzed them but they are such good quality I can’t bring myself too.  I’m thinking I can use the frames for something else.

The new canvas arrived and we are truly impressed with it.  It does seem a bit darker than the last one but that’s down to the poor quality of the image and not the folks at Bags of Love.  I also like the fact that it’s not as deep as the other one, the other one was a couple of inches thick (sorry for the imperial measure).  The service was also very quick.  I think it arrived in a couple of days.  I’m not sure how much this one would have cost but I just had a quick look on the site and the prices look reasonable and they have a 2 for 1 deal on at the moment.

In addition, to photo canvases they also do personalised gifts, designer bedding and photo montages.

So what do you think?