Portugese Style Piri-Piri Chicken (Slow Cooker)

I was inspired by Schwartz New Recipe Kits to make Piri Piri Chicken.  I’d never cooked or eaten it before and was intrigued.  But as usual, I went totally off-piste and tried to find a way to do it in the slow cooker.

In the end, I found this delicious Portugese-Style Piri-Piri recipe by the Life and Times of the Wandering Jew.  I didn’t use the recipe off the back of the Schwartz pack but I did use a few of the spices.  Another crucial difference to the recipe is that I didn’t cook it over night but put it on in the morning and had it for dinner about 6, so it was in the slow cooker for approx 6-8 hours.  I also cheated and bought Nando’s Medium Piri-Piri sauce

Disclosure:  The Recipe Inspiration Kit was courtesy of Schwartz.

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