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This is so true!  A while back I naively thought I’d get Madame to help me go through her toys.  Big mistake, we unearthed things that she hadn’t played with in years and then she insisted on keeping them.  Next time, I’ll do it when she’s at school.

The same goes for all of the artwork she brings home.  It’s a nightmare, when she’s not looking I do burn a lot of it, heaven help me if she catches me,  but I do keep any pictures that she is truly proud of or makes me laugh hysterically, like the one below.  Apparently it’s a rattlesnake but I thought it looked like a……

Kid's Artwork

But what the hell do I do with it all, I’ve started a scrap book but recently I bought this frame from (£24.95) it’s freaking brilliant.  The end is open so you can just slot in her artwork, it makes her so proud and we can have an ever-changing art installation in the kitchen.

Displaying kids artwork

Do you have any other clever ideas for displaying children’s artwork?

Disclosure:  Coincidentally after purchasing one of these for myself, I did receive a second one from The Handpicked Collection for review purposes.

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2 thoughts on “How to display kid’s artwork”

  1. Hilarious post. I love the ecard at the top, so funny. This is all so true and a real dilemma for us too.

    We so want to keep all of our children’s creative scribblings. They are after all a wonderful glimpse into our kids world through artistic expression. Something to cherish indeed. But which ones do you keep which ones do you “loose”? Tough choice!

    We have resolved the dilemma in the short term at least by hanging a large cork notice board onto their bedroom wall which we pin artwork to. It tends to get a bit layered but all part of the charm. No nasty holes in the newly plastered walls this way too. The kids are happy we are happy. Result!

    Great post, brought a smile, thanks.

  2. We have a steel board on the wall and lots of magnets, it works a treat, both the children put up what they are proud of. We take photos of it then I dispose of the art works when they are not around.

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