Camping in Style? Co-ordinated camping gear? #giveaway

Family Camping has never been so glamorous!

I absolutely adore camping and spent a lot of my childhood camping in Canada.  On occasion I’ve joked about being buried in my sleeping bag when I die.  Please don’t hold me to this.  However, we’ve done very little camping in the UK, I don’t know if this is down to weather, lack of camping gear or a misconception of UK campsites.  But, we have dipped our toe into Glamping and are rather partial to it.

Pubs with Campsites near Hastings

Pub with Campsites near HastingsWe have been on a couple of occasions as I managed to borrow the missing bits of gear (e.g tent and camp beds).  A few months back we went overnight camping in Boreham Street, East Sussex, near Hastings at the Bull’s Head.  The campsite was nothing more than an open field with a loo block (tent pitch £15 a night).

Nonetheless, the location was brilliant  close to many local beaches and backing onto  to a fabulous pub (stumbling distance) with an amazing menu, wine list and garden.  I had a perfectly cooked rib eye steak with a very nice glass of red wine or two.  The landlord was also very helpful when I needed to ring him at 6 am to get him to let my daughter out of the loos after locking herself in by accident.  Now that’s what I call child friendly.  I must also add that it is dog-friendly as well.

Stylish Melamine Camping DishesWe do hope to start doing more camping next year and I’m slowly starting to amass some gear.  We’re still in need of a tent but for the time being will continue to borrow, but I do now have a lovely set of Berrow Hill Melamine Dishes from Olpro that I can’t wait to try out camping.  They’re not only stylish and great for camping but perfect for picnics and BBQs.

Win a Sleeping Bag

Light Weight Sleeping Bag for Camping


The lovely folk at Olpro have offered my readers a chance to win one of their lightweight Witley Sleeping Bag with red on the inside.  It comes in its own stuff sack with draw string and if you have two you can zip them together to make a double.  I quite fancy getting the Berrow Hill one to match my new dishes.  Camping really is getting rather civilized.

Enter by simply using the rafflecopter form below.  The full terms and conditions are at the bottom of the form.  But, in short, it’s open to UK residents aged 18 +.  Competition closes on the 17th Sept 2013.

Good luck and happy camping.

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Disclosure:  I received the melamine set free of charge for review purposes.




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198 thoughts on “Camping in Style? Co-ordinated camping gear? #giveaway”

  1. Glamper, I do like to be dry, warm and comfortable. Though find the countryside peaceful and relaxing. Can opener, as I do like my food. Whilst I can recall a camping trip I was on as a child. We were a large group, and as the adults were unpacking they initially thought they had forgotten the can opener. Luckily it turned up, as they had also brought several catering sized cans of food.

  2. I’m a camper – love it! Our blackened whistling kettle is a must have for us!!!! Cannot beat a nice cuppa made from the whistling kettle on an open camp fire!

  3. Always take a little stove, need coffee for the morning xx (and bacon MMM ) can’t beat a bacon sarnie in the open air xx thanks for the chance to win this x

  4. Im a camper but like to glamp as much as is possible. Blow up bed is a must along with a bottle of wine

  5. I’m definitely a glamper but unfortunately married to a hardened camper! Huggies wet wipes are my camping essential – nice and strong and a nice scent too!

  6. Glamper or camper depending on who I am with. I always take an experienced keen camper with me because they usually have thought of everything so I am free to focus on the entertainment – chocolate, wine, games etc.

  7. Camper and my camping quilt gets taken everywear great to wrap round of an evening then as an extra cover on the bed.

  8. I’m a camper but only because I haven’t had a chance at glamping yet :)
    Definitely matches are essential for me :)

  9. camper – enough food!!don’t want anyone going hungry) and (rain gear,obviously for unpredictable weather conditions

  10. Definitely a glamper, but my daughter wants to go proper camping :-) I’d take as many home comforts as I could get away with !

  11. Travel cleaning wash for clothes. Plenty of spare overalls and wellies. And two plastic sheets for the bottom of the tent as the ground sheets always seem to leak

  12. I’m a camper… Although I’d MUCH rather be a glamper!!! Lol I have 6 kids and we camp to make sure we have a holiday every year! We would need a double decker bus to all be glampers! Ha! I do have to say my essential is make up though lol it’s one thing camping, but I refuse to camp looking like something out of a horror film :-D I do love the sleeping bag! I’m crossing my fingers for this.. Looks lovely!

    Laura Williams x

  13. I’m a camper! Just come back from 8 days away in a lovely field in the middle of nowhere. Sunbathing in a bikini in the morning, sheltering from rain in the afternoon and snuggling in thermals and drinking wine at night! Fab! Always remember to take the tent…other than that there are always ways to get by! haha!

  14. I’d love to be a glamper but I’m definitely much more of a camper. Bin liners are a must, they come in handy for so many things, you should always have a roll of them with you

  15. Camping has never appealed to me, I like my creature comforts (like being warm, dry & clean). I think if you spend all that money on going on holiday, you want it to be better than at home.

  16. Definitely a camper. Warm clothes are probably the most important thing to take camping. Oh and midge repellent.

  17. I’m a camper!! Well nearly. brought a new tent last week but haven’s been in it yet! Brought electrics for it though! Cant be without my hairdryer

  18. The one thing i always take camping has to be a washing up bowl,very annoying having to carry dirty plates and cutlery over to the communal sinks

  19. A potty. I’m not a camper. I’ll do it for festivals but that’s at a push. A big push.

  20. Has to be a sleeping bag as no matter where you are least you’ll be warm x oh and a tent of course hehe xx

  21. I must admit I am more of a Glamper! My essentials are dry shampoo, wellies and chocolate :-)

  22. My husband so I can sit back relax …. As he puts up our tent, well I might spill my wine if I tried to help!

  23. I’m a bit of a glamper really! But I could do either – a bottle opener and tin opener are essential bits of kit! :)

  24. I am a GLAMPER!! Need my comforts, The most important thing for me to take with me is a big pile of books :)

  25. I am a camper! Decent tent pegs! It got very windy when we were just camping and it was a struggle to keep the tent down lol!!! Oh and the marmite for my grilled toast I do on my camping stove! Yum!

  26. Im Halfway between a Glamper and a Camper,I always Take A Queen sized blow up bed the basics like a portable toilet in the Tent and a good kettle for Copious cups of Tea and thick snuggly duvet and nice cover and pillows!But on the other hand love eating outdoors on the little gampergaz,and gazing at the stars or clouds under the said snuggly duvet with a pint of Real ale!!Bright blessings all X

  27. I’m a Glamper, I would have to take coffee and a kettle, couldnt do without cups of coffee!

  28. Definitely a glamper! & would never be found camping without some good company & a drop of wine!

  29. I’m a camper and I would never go without warm pjs (even in summer!) and plenty of fleece blankets. Evenings spent relaxing and having a wee drink are nowhere near as much fun if its cold, and they can be used for extra warmth at night too. Oh and baby wipes, but then I never go anywhere without baby wipes any more!

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