How to Ride A Bicycle by Mr. Mediocre!

It probably comes as no surprise to you, that someone who is married to me is slightly nuts!


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6 thoughts on “How to Ride A Bicycle by Mr. Mediocre!”

  1. Clever stuff. But on a public highway…?

    So here’s the question: is he committing the offence of “careless cycling” or “inconsiderate cycling”?

    It’s “careless cycling” if you “ride on a road without due care and attention”. Alternatively it could be “inconsiderate cycling” if you ride on a road “without reasonable consideration for other persons using the road”.

    If you’re not paying attention, can’t keep control of the bike…, or are causing inconvenience to other traffic or pedestrians, you could be committing one of the offences.

    Careless cycling and inconsiderate cycling are not fixed penalty offences – so if the police aren’t satisfied with just giving you a telling-off, they’ll have to prosecute you. (RTOA Sch 3)

    If you are prosecuted and convicted of either of these offences, the maximum fine is £1000. (RTOA Sch 2, pt 1)

    (Sorry, couldn’t resist! Oh, and forgive any clumsy wording – it’s cobbled together from someone’s blog post about cycling whilst using a mobile phone.)

    1. Trev, please tell me you are joking??? BTW it was a cul-de-sac and we had highways out to shut the road with flag people and everything!!! ;-) Health and safety was paramount!

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