We made our own Safari Park Chocolates

I can’t believe how easy it is to make your own chocolates.

  1. Have a friend from South Africa post you a chocolate mould
  2. Buy some chocolate from the shop
  3. Melt it in a metal bowl above a pan of bowling water so it doesn’t burn.
  4. Pour into moulds using a measuring cup with a spout
  5. Tap the sides ‘gently’ to get the air out
  6. Put in the fridge for an hour

A special thanks to @chickenruby for the mould.  Madame has requested pink chocolates next so I’m going to use white chocolate with a bit of red food colouring!  Watch this space.

Happy Easter!



Actually Mummy...
Actually Mummy...

Wow! They are so professional! We made pink hearts for valentines in the same way so i can confirm the food colouring works :)


They look ace, the chocolate mould is so cute. @chickenruby could go into business sending us all some :) Louise