Slow Cooker Sunday: Sloppy Joes – 24 June 2012

Slow Cooker Sunday has had a bit of a break, but we’re back and raring to go. My daughter normally eats with her child minder for the better part of the week, but recently it’s been school holidays, so I had to think of things that we all would eat.  So, as I often do, I think about things I ate as a kid.

One of our favourite meals was Sloppy Joes, named for the mess you make while eating them.  I know it may sound gross but it’s dead easy to make and she wolfed it down.  Served with a salad it could be called a balanced meal.  Well it does have ketchup/tomato sauce in it, which is one of your 5 a day.


  • 500g mince
  • ½ onion chopped
  • 1 Tsp of lazy garlic or 3 garlic cloves minced
  • 125ml ketchup/tomato sauce
  • ½ a red pepper, chopped
  • 30 ml Worcestershire Sauce
  • 30 ml Brown Sugar
  • I TBSP of mustard
  • I TBSP of vinegar
  • ½ tsp chilli powder
  • Hamburger buns/rolls


  1. Sauté the onions for about 3 minutes, add the garlic, cook for another minute, then add the mince and brown.  Transfer to slow cooker using a slotted spoon.
  2. In a separate dish mix the ketchup, red pepper, Worcestershire Sauce, sugar, mustard, vinegar and chilli powder.
  3. Pour the sauce over the beef mixture in the slow cooker, mix well, cover and cook on low for 6-8 hours.
  4. To serve, put a generous portion on a roll, you can toast them if you like but we didn’t.  It’s lovely with a tossed salad or any green really.
  5. Remember it’s all about sharing, feel free to link up your favourite recipes. It doesn’t even have to be your own. Is there one on the web you use often? As long as it has a URL you can add it. If you don’t have a blog you can always leave your recipes in the comment section.

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    A slightly older mum of one, who drinks far too much red wine and has an unhealthy obsession with her slow cooker. During the day she's an ICT Trainer, Social Media/Online Marketing consultant and does a bit of public speaking. Full Profile on Google+

2 thoughts on “Slow Cooker Sunday: Sloppy Joes – 24 June 2012”

  1. Hi Chrissie,

    Here’s my recipe for hunters chicken. It’s a chuck it all in & go out for the day slow cooker meal…if you know what I mean!

    1 big pack Skinless chicken thighs (bones in)
    1 Chopped onion
    3 stems of Celery
    2-4 cloved Garlic (personal preference)
    2 Tin tomatoes
    2 Cannellini beans
    4 rashers Bacon roughly chopped with scissors into chunks.
    1 chicken oxo Stock cube
    Glass of White wine
    2 bay leaves
    Warm water
    Squeeze of tomato purée

    Fry the bacon, garlic, onion, celery in a little oil until the bacon is cooked & the veg are coloured.
    Place into the slow cooker.
    Arrange the thighs in the bottom so they are evenly spaced.
    Poor over the tin tomatoes, bay leaves, crumble the oxo cube, poor the wine. The chicken should be completely covered, if not add a little warm water. Pop the lid on & leave for at least 5 hours.
    Check the chicken is cooked through!

    Half an hour before serving add the beans for a one pot supper! Make sure everything’s well cooked before serving.

    Gorgeous with bread & butter for dunking.

    This recipe is warming and delicious in it’s simplest form. You can jazz it up by adding as many veggies as you like (and up your 5 a day). We add whatever needs using up from the fridge. Peas, sweetcorn, carrots, broccoli, courgettes, mushrooms, green beans… You get the idea.

    It also freezes really well!



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