Travel with Kids

Travel before kids….

Prior to having my daughter I was quite an intrepid traveler.  I’ve been to nearly 50 countries everything from sleeping in a hammock in Honduras, hitchhiking around Ireland with no money, climbing Mount Kinabulu in the dark  to a 5 star hotel in the Serengeti.  I’ve also been fortunate to have worked in the Middle East, Kuala Lumpur and Brunei.

I love to travel

My husband is a keen diver and has done over a 1000 dives in the UK alone.  We got engaged in Marsa Shagra in Egypt in 2006.

After kids….

We haven’t given up travelling now that we have a child, but we’ve found ourselves choosing family holidays that we think she would enjoy foregoing our own preferences.  We’ve tried the caravan parks and a few centre park ‘like’ holidays.  Our daughter loves them, but to be honest her mummy and daddy don’t enjoy them nearly as much.


We’re on a mission to find unique family holidays that we can all enjoy.  We’re up for a family adventure.

Places we’ve been to recently:

British Museum with Kids

Travelling to Iceland with Kids

Things to do with kids in Bucharest, Romania

Bracknell Forest Lookout Discovery Centre

Southend to Newquay with easyJet

Glamping at Cuckoo Down Farm, Devon

Top 5 Tips for Legoland Windsor


A Caravan Holiday in France

Glamping in Shropshire

Seaworld in France – Naussicau

Thorpe Park  – UK Theme Park

A Penthouse Suite at the Park Royal in London

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